Looking to add some elegance and class into your home? You now can with our the Versailles.

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Description / WFUK Sussex Collection Arundel Antique Oak 20mm x 800mm Unfinished

Looking to add some elegance and class into your home? You now can with our the Versailles. 

The Versailles floor design is a classic and named after its French origin, the Palace de Versailles. The intricate floor pattern has been associated with grand and wealthy homes since its existence, building on the elegance of the oak. The unique pattern creates the image of sophistication and is perfect for those looking to create the wow-factor in their homes. This product is a part of our Sussex Collection. Engineered wood flooring is a perfect alternative for those who want solid wood flooring without the added maintenance. 

Darker flooring has grown in popularity over the years due to its rich and timeless aesthetic. The wood has been smoked and features a deep brushed surface making this flooring truly unique.

This collection has been handpicked by our product specialists and features the highest quality of wood. 

This Oak is left unfinished so that it can be installed and then coloured to suit any design or simply lacquered or oiled for a completely natural look.

Product Code / Name

WFUK 908






Smoked, Brushed & Unfinished Panel



Product Dimensions

20/6 x 800 x 800

Pack Size M2


More Information

Product name WFUKArundelAntique
Pack size m2 1.28
Brand WFUK
Grade Classic
Wood type Engineered

Composed of multiple layers of compressed timber before being finished with a top layer of solid wood veneer. As a result, engineered wood can boast the timeless look of fully natural wood floors with added stability.

Suitable for Kitchens, Living Spaces, Bedrooms, Basements, Conservatories, Office, Underfloor Heating
Color Medium
Installation Method Glue Down

Using our polymer adhesive, this floor is stuck down to your sub-floor. Better suited for a professional installation. 

Wood species Oak

Oak is a hardwood species characterised by being hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring.

Thickness 20mm
Range Sussex Collection
Finish Unfinished

Bare wood that does not have any protective coating, this product needs finishing with primer and either Oil or Lacquer on site

Edging Microbevelled

Refers to the edge of a plank which has been chamferred in the production process to create a slight round cut edge between boards when they are connected together. Creates a slightly pronounced plank

Style Versaille
Surface Brushed

To enhance the appearance of this board, it has been brushed to exentuate the natural wood effect. This creates added depth and a unique pattern to each board.