WFUK Europa Elegance 15 x 80mm Oiled

15 x 80 x 480mm
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Herringbone size: 15 x 80 x 480mm

Dutch designed
Forward thinking design and technical expertise combine to create our stable, diverse, beautiful and environmentally responsible hardwood products.

Complete Control
As the manufacturer, we assure our promise of excellence in quality is carried out in every product we deliver because we control each step of the process.

A family business
WFUK is built on long-term relationships. We work hard each day to earn your loyalty and exceed your expectations in quality and service.

Both the technology behind our wide width, long length Duoplank® and our site specific climatization give the performance enhanced stability required for ALL climates.

Quality tested & certified
Indoor air quality
Contributing to a healthy interior, our Duoplank® flooring is certified for multiple healthy interior climate labels, which apply to all project sectors.

Scratch resistance
Selected scratch resistant flooring significantly reduces the risk of abrasion and is particularly suitable for restaurants, retail and busy homes.

Static load
Strong enough to be used as bridging planks in many building categories, an under-layer of high quality Baltic birch and our gluing method contribute to the strength and break resistance of our Duoplank®.

Slip resistance
Unique surface treatments improve slip resistance, making them particularly suitable for restaurants, commercial spaces and retail shops.

Reaction to fire
Fire resistance is crucial for building safety requirements. Categorized as Cfl-s1 for Europe and is suitable for commercial and residential projects.

Heating & cooling
The stability of the Duoplank® makes our products particularly compatible with underfloor heating and cooling. Heat conduction is suitable for use as main or supplementary heating.

Meeting international standards
WFUK Europa Elegance products meet the strict demands of international compliance standards. Our Duoplank® flooring holds test certificates from around the globe substantiating the distinction of quality excellence. Please inquire for further details and certificates at

Green and sustainable
The beauty of our flooring begins with the unique and natural essence of wood. We craft our products with the utmost respect for this naturally green and renewable resource. Most importantly, we make sure our products are built to withstand the test of time.

fsc 2. LEED breeam
We test our products for performance to make sure they meet global standard for healthy interiors. For projects seeking BREEAM & LEED certification, please contact us for your specific requirements.

Suitable for use in all project sectors: Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail

Guarantee available when installed and maintained in accordance with supplier guidelines

Suitable for

Living Spaces
Underfloor Heating


More Information
Product name EL15/80/48/PR1/4M/1522
Pack size m2 1
Grade Premium

This grade has a natural look with more colour and structural graining variation between the individual staves. Medium sized knots and fine hairline splits occur to some degree.

Wood type Engineered

Composed of multiple layers of compressed timber before being finished with a top layer of solid wood veneer. As a result, engineered wood can boast the timeless look of fully natural wood floors with added stability.

Color Medium
Installation Method Glue Down

Using our polymer adhesive, this floor is stuck down to your sub-floor. Better suited for a professional installation. 

Wood species Oak

Oak is a hardwood species characterised by being hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring.

Thickness 15mm
Range Europa
Finish Oiled

Deep penetration of the oil into the wood is ensured to provide protection against liquids. This product does not have any colour, which means it brings out the natural beauty of the wood or the stain used. 

Edging Microbevelled

Refers to the edge of a plank which has been chamferred in the production process to create a slight round cut edge between boards when they are connected together. Creates a slightly pronounced plank

Style Herringbone

Created by placing rectangles in a staggered zigzag pattern, as the name suggests, resembles fish bones

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