New Era Gymflex Select Beech 22mm x 129mm

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This grade has a natural look with more colour and more structural graining variation between the staves. Sound medium sized black knots and knots on edges of boards. Hairline splits; individual and in groups, red heartwood and inbark. Minor voids in the surface of the wood. Knots and other features are factory filled with one colour filler. Ideal for all multi-purpose sports floor use.

About the floor

Beech is one of Europe’s most common hardwood species and the excellent strength properties, the uniform structure with white to reddish sapwood and the red-brown grain pattern provide a hard-wearing floor very suitable for all types of sport and dance activities.

Junckers solid hardwood sports flooring is produced and categorized in accordance with EN 13629, EN 14904 and Junckers own factory standard. The floors are made exclusively from solid hardwood and the image illustrates the colour, knots and structural graining variation characteristic for the specific wood species and grade.

The image shows the average appearance of the grade. It is normal to see a variation in appearance between individual floor boards, staves and floors produced and installed at differing times.

Up to 5% of the staves may contain features of the next grade.

Hardwood floors may fade and change colour over time, especially when exposed directly to sunlight.

Board size: 22mm x 129mm x 1830mm

Suitable for

Living Spaces
Underfloor Heating


More Information
Product name WFUKJ501
Pack size m2 1.89
Grade Harmony

This grade has a natural look with more colour and structural graining variation between the individual staves. Medium sized knots and hairline splits occur to some degree. Sapwood occurs.

Wood type Solid

Quite simply, a flooring made from many numbers of different types of tree or species of tree but is manufactured from one single piece of real wood. Durability to last for generations, though it does require special care and attention when installing.

Installation Method Glue Down, Secret Nailed, Clip System, New Era, Unobat 45

Using our polymer adhesive, this floor is stuck down to your sub-floor. Better suited for a professional installation. 

Wood species Beech

Beech is one of Europe’s most common hardwood species and the excellent strength properties.

Thickness 22mm
Width 129mm
Range Sports Flooring
Finish Silkmatt lacquer

Modern and slick, this very hard-wearing factory applied lacquer has a slight sheen, considerably reduces the care requirements and increases the durability of the wood floor. 

Edging Square

Refers to the edge of a plank which has no chamfer. Creates is a seamless connection between two boards, the edge is flush with the next board when they are connected together. 

Style 2 Strip

The top layer of the floor board that you see is made up of 2 strips.

Surface Smooth

The floors have a smooth surface, offering a slightly more modern appearance and ideal for those looking for a seamless floor

Product Guarantee 25 Year residential Guarantee


View the Manufacturer's guide for the best installation advice.

Clips Installation Instructions Material for floors installed with clips New Era Installation Instructions


View the Manufacturer's guide for the best care advice about.

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