A slip resistant two-component non yellowing water-based 100% polyurethane lacquer.Fast curing and ideal for use in high traffic areas where slip resistance is important, eg. restaurants and bars. Tested to BS5796-2

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Description / Junckers HP Friction+ Ultra Matt 4.95L

A slip resistant two-component non-yellowing water-based 100 % polyurethane lacquer.

Fast curing and ideal for use in high traĉc areas where slip resistance is important, eg. restaurants and bars. HP Friction+ is tested to BS5796-2.

The lacquer is not recommended for sport purposes with player contact without use of mats.

HP Friction+ must be used as the final coat only and must be mixed with Junckers HP Hardener before use. 

HP Friction+ has received the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling.

A product with this labelling has undergone extensive volatile emission and odour tests. This ensures that there are no chemical substances in the product which adversely affect the air quality in the room.

For professional use only.


Product: Two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer.

Package sizes: 4.95 (4.5+0.45) litres in ultra matt.

Appearance: Creamy/milky in the container. Colourless film when dry.


Coverage: 10-12 m² per litre.

Mixing: 10 parts of lacquer to 1 part of hardener.

Before application:

Stir/shake the lacquer thoroughly until any settled product has been stirred/shaked in.

Add hardener and stir/shake the lacquer thoroughly again, minimum 45 seconds.

After adding hardener leave for 10 minutes.

Stir/shake the lacquer again prior to use, minimum 45 seconds.

Pot-life: The mixture should be used within 2 hours. Avoid reuse of mixed material beyond this time

Application tools: Brush, short haired mohair roller, air/airless spray, applicator. Apply the lacquer to the Ĉoor sparingly and evenly, rolling out the lacquer promptly so as to avoid gluing the boards together.

Substrate temperature: Minimum 15 °C and maximum 25 °C.

Dilution: Maximum 15 % dilution with water by spray application.

Drying time at 20 °C and 50 % RH: Approx. 3 hours. Ready for light traĉc: 8 hours. Fully cured after 72 hours. Apply only 2 coats of lacquer per day

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