Junckers Beech 2 strip 14mm Classic Silk Matt lacquer

Beech - a light, durable wooden floor

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Junckers 14 mm Solid Hardwood Parquet floors are factory finished and ready to install in accordance to Junckers Laying Instructions.

Each floor board is assembled from two rows of staves by a glued double dovetail construction.

Each board is tongued and grooved on all four sides.

Dimensions: 14 x 129 x 1830mm
Pack Size: 1.89sqm

Beech - a light, durable wooden floor

Beech is a light-colored wood species which acquires a warm, reddish golden tone with age. The structural grain pattern is straight with a fine, even texture. Its excellent strength properties provide a durable wooden floor with a classic look. A hardwood timber, Beech is one of the strongest and most durable woods used for wood flooring. 


This grade has a uniform look with some colour and structural graining variation between the individual staves. Few small knots and natural fine splits occur.

Suitable for

Living Spaces
Underfloor Heating


More Information
Product name 44187900-28
Pack size m2 1.89
Grade Classic
Wood type Solid

Quite simply, a flooring made from many numbers of different types of tree or species of tree but is manufactured from one single piece of real wood. Durability to last for generations, though it does require special care and attention when installing.

Wood species Beech

Beech is one of Europe’s most common hardwood species and the excellent strength properties.

Thickness 14mm
Width 129mm
Finish Silkmatt lacquer

Modern and slick, this very hard-wearing factory applied lacquer has a slight sheen, considerably reduces the care requirements and increases the durability of the wood floor. 

Edging Square

Refers to the edge of a plank which has no chamfer. Creates is a seamless connection between two boards, the edge is flush with the next board when they are connected together. 

Style 2 Strip

The top layer of the floor board that you see is made up of 2 strips.

Product Guarantee 25 Year Guarantee
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