Classically beautiful and dimensionally stable

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Description / Europa Oak Herringbone Character 13mm x 105mm Live Natural Oil

It comes as it comes – but is always beautiful

When grading our new herringbone strips, we’re trying something new. We promise that the surface will always look vibrant and feature the classic characteristics of oak. The strips have their fair share of sapwood and knots, as you can see from the image below. The grading of our Herringbone strips is a mix of our traditional gradings: approx. 50% Animoso, approx. 30% Vivo and approx. 20% Andante.

Block size: 13mm thickness x 105mm width x 525mm length


LIVE NATURAL OIL Live Natural is a natural surface treatment containing oils such as sunflower, thistle and soya bean oil as well as naturally occurring waxes (carnauba, candelilla). Deep penetration of the oil into the wood is ensured by two-time application on a custom-made production line. The wood pores are saturated, and drying takes place completely naturally in the open air during a process known as the Air-Plus Process. The floor has extremely good protection properties against liquids.

Two formats

With our two formats, we wanted to create a modern surface appearance for the classic herringbone hardwood floor. The width of both formats is therefore a little more generous, resulting in an exceptional look. A contemporary interpretation of classic herringbone.

Classically beautiful and dimensionally stable

With their attractive format and three-layer structure, our new herringbone strips are perfect for those who love this classic installation pattern. The exquisite, brushed oak surface is, as ever, a top choice. Genuinely natural and completely authentic, it brings the fascinating beauty and variety of nature into a home. Its structure, colourfulness and vibrancy are incomparable. Laid in a classic herringbone pattern, this flooring is in vogue right now.

Thanks to their slim installation height, the oak strips are ideal for laying in existing properties. This means that transitioning to other floor coverings presents no problem at all. And their low thermal resistance ensures that our strips also function impressively in new buildings, making them ideal for laying on top of underfloor heating. The three-layer strips with a tongue-and-groove profile are simply glued directly to the subfloor. A dimensionally stable, long-lasting hardwood floor.


► Surface: Live Natural oil, brushed
► Knots: black or brown, smoothed
► A mixed sort of our gradings
Andante, Animoso and Vivo
► Three-layer structure
► Top layer: 2.5 to 2.7 mm oak
► Installation height: 13.2 mm
► Tongue/groove connection
► Bevel on four sides
► Underfloor heating: very well suited

More Information

Product name FA7GOKWE
Pack size m2 1.1025
Weight KG 0.000000
Brand WFUK
Grade Character

A lively board with large colour variation, sound large knots will be presnt, occasional clusters of small knots, some filling may be required

Wood type Engineered

Composed of multiple layers of compressed timber before being finished with a top layer of solid wood veneer. As a result, engineered wood can boast the timeless look of fully natural wood floors with added stability.

Suitable for Kitchens, Living Spaces, Bedrooms, Stairs, Basements, Conservatories, Office, Underfloor Heating
Installation Method Glue Down

Using our polymer adhesive, this floor is stuck down to your sub-floor. Better suited for a professional installation. 

Wood species Oak

Oak is a hardwood species characterised by being hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring.

Thickness 13mm
Range Europa
Finish Live Natural Oil

Natural surface treatment containing oils such as sunflower, thistle or soya bean oil as well as naturally occurring waxes. Deep penetration of the oil into the wood is ensured by two-time application on a custom-made production line. The wood pores are saturated meaning the floor has extremely good protection properties against liquids compared to competitive products.

Edging Microbevelled

Refers to the edge of a plank which has been chamferred in the production process to create a slight round cut edge between boards when they are connected together. Creates a slightly pronounced plank

Style Herringbone

Created by placing rectangles in a staggered zigzag pattern, as the name suggests, resembles fish bones

Surface Brushed

To enhance the appearance of this board, it has been brushed to exentuate the natural wood effect. This creates added depth and a unique pattern to each board. 

Product Guarantee 25 Year residential Guarantee