Woca Invisible Oil Primer 2.5L

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Invisible Oil Primer is a water-based wood primer with excellent adhesion, that
gives wood a matt, untreated appearance when combined with WOCA Invisible
Oil. Invisible Oil Primer is the first stage in a high quality water-based oiling
system and should therefore be used together with WOCA Invisible Oil. The
Invisible system has been developed for use with light wood varieties, where a
high oiling quality and newly-sanded, untreated appearance are required. The
range gives the floor a surface that is both comfortable to walk on and soft to
the touch. The floor is also left with a soft, water-resistant surface that is easy to
clean and maintain.
• Gives the floor an untreated appearance
• Resistant to liquids such as water, coffee, tea and red wine
• Gives the wood a beautiful, breathable surface
• IBR-certified

Canister sizes: 2.5L

Coverage: Approx.  8 - 12 m2/L

Base:Water based

VOC: This product contains max. 10 g VOC/L. Permitted value
is 500 g VOC/l (cat.A/i).

Colour options: Natural 


More Information
Product name 526025A
Weight KG 3.0000
Accessory type Lacquers & Oils


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