WFUK Mop Kit

Suitable for cleaning solid and engineered wood floors, laminate, cork, etc 

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- The spray system drastically reduces the quantity of detergent and water used

- No pollutant liquid is poured into household drains

- WFUK cleaning products are formulated with natural compounds to respect and safeguard the environment can be prepared

- The micro-fibre cloth can be washed hundreds of time in the washing machine

Where to use

WFUK's Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is a very handy product.  Once you have used it once you will be a convert, you will never go back. Unlike other wood floor cleaning kits, this professional wood floor cleaning kit comes with a very absorbent microfiber pad, 20 anti-dust cloths, 1 l of WFUK Wood Floor Cleaner, a graduated cap to measure the detergent and the mop frame itself. WFUK Wood Floor Cleaning Kit can be used on all types of wood floors, sealed on unsealed. The wood floor cleaner that comes with this wood floor cleaning kit can be used to polish laminate floors as well. After each wash with WFUK Wood Floor Cleaner, your floors will look shinier and healthier.

How to use

The wood floor cleaning kit comes with a special cartridge full of wood cleaner. At the end of the handle, there is a trigger that, when pressed, will release just the right amount of wood floor cleaner for one clean. Just spray and wipe your floors. By using WFUK Wood Floor Cleaning Kit you can be sure that you are using a professional cleaning system that has been specially designed to keep your beloved wood floors clean and shiny. By using this product you are avoiding any damage which may be caused to your wood floors by too much moisture or unsuitable cleaning products. WFUK Wood Floor Cleaner is a high quality wood floor cleaner that will deep clean and polish your wood floors in one easy go. WFUK Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is also very efficient in cleaning laminate floors or cork floors. You can also apply polish with the microfiber pad.

Cost effective product

This superb wood floor cleaning kit is sure to save you money in the long run. Besides the fact that it will make your daily floor cleaning job much easier, the old way of cleaning floors involved a bucket, a mop, a cleaner and a lot of unnecessary moisture on your floors. We recommend at least 50 washes per 1 litre of wood floor cleaner, but the amount of washes that you could get from one cartridge can go up or down, depending on the size of your floor and the type of floor that you plan to wash.



If you are looking for a professional wood floor cleaning kit to deep clean your floors in conjunction with a high quality neutral floor cleaner, you should try WFUK Wood Floor Cleaning Kit. No other type of wood floor cleaning kit can get the same results so fast. Prestigious floors and newly finished floors cannot be washed with a standard mopping system. The Wood Floor Cleaning Kit was made to keep your beautiful floors looking great for longer. Many pubs, restaurants, offices, schools, etc. use this Cleaning Kit on a daily basis. Join the club and start properly taking care of your wood floors.


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