Why is WPC material better than real wood? ⁣Benefit highlited below:

☑️Ease of use and durability ⁣

WPC material is resistant to heat, cold, rain. Its appearance and functionality will last for at least 25 years and furthermore - there is no need for a special maintenance.⁣

☑️Safety ⁣

WPC decking works extremely well in a poolside or barefoot-friendly environment. ⁣
UV radiation doesn’t dry out WPC boards, hence WPC decking is splinter-free. ⁣
In addition, the unique surface texture reduces the possibility of slipping. ⁣

☑️Wide range of colours and two different textures, wood and slatted

☑️Environmentally friendly ⁣

Wood-plastic composite boards are environment-friendly building materials - they can be recycled and reused.⁣ Made from 100% recycled products. No formadehyde, benzene & other harmful products. (60% recycled wood powder, 30% PE plastics and 10% additive)

A few advantages of WPC steps:⁣

Wood-Plastic composite board steps are not only a great exterior design solution, but are also fantastically durable. 

☑️ more durable than tiles and natural wood;⁣ Looks and feels like natural wood

☑️ steps can often be manufactured in the same color as the house facade, fence, or terrace;⁣
☑️ as the material is made for outdoor use, rain and temperature fluctuations will not harm it;⁣ Waterproof, anti mildew, anti decay & anti ageing. UV Resistant
☑️ water on surfaces dries quicker and in turn is safer to walk on;⁣
☑️ Easy to fit to suitable joist sub-structure using stainless steel screws & plastic clips. Can withstand more weight than real wood.

When selecting the material for the stairs, take into consideration the fact that stairs are exposed to mechanical stress. ⁣

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