New Era Acoustigym 

Contact us for a *SPECIAL PRICE* £150 per roll!

A high density, hard-wearing acoustic gym mat, New Era Acoustigym is commonly used to reduce general foot traffic impact sound. Not only is it a robust gym floor covering, it offers slip resistance and can be subjected to high loads without collapsing. At just 4mm thick, there is minimal increase in floor height when introducing New Era Acoustigym into your premises.

  • Simple to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available from stock
  • Acoustic reduction of impact sound
  • Slip resistant
  • Can be used in retrofit or newbuild
Techincial Specification:
  • 4mm x 1.25m x 10m = 12.5m2.
  • Available in full black rolls or black with 5% grey fleck.
  • Roll Weight: 54kg
  • Density: 1080 kg/m3
  • Mass: 4.32 kg/m2
  • Recycled content:

                    Full black: 1.14 recycled tyres / m2 (14.25 tyres per roll).
                    Black with 5% grey fleck: 1.01 recycled tyres / m2 (12.62 tyres per roll).

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