LOBA’s 2K InvisibleProtect is ideal for sophisticated room designs in shops, restaurants or public event venues and brings out the natural elegance of the wood to the full. Also in the living quarters of purists and lovers of nature, 2K InvisibleProtect displays the incomparable effect of wood and invites you to feel at ease. It can be cleaned as easily as a finished surface.

In addition, the anti-slip surface protection (according to BGR 181, and DIN 51130, evaluation group R9) scores points for elasticity, extreme scratch resistance and durability. Furthermore, it has very low emissions (EMICODE® EC1 Plus R / low VOC value / GISCODE W2/DD+). 2K InvisibleProtect is part of the proven and guaranteed LOBA and Wakol Connected Systems.

In combination with 2K InvisibleProtect, the new LOBADUR Whitener also offers attractive design options. The additive picks up on the worldwide trend towards light and natural shades and creates the popular Scandinavian look with LOBADUR waterbased systems. When using the additive, all properties of this extraordinary invisible all-rounder are retained.

There are many – objectively measurable and subjectively perceptible – reasons for the success story of 2K InvisibleProtect. Whoever has the chance to walk barefoot across the refined floor will love the natural feeling.

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