Surface finishes explained

Wood flooring is available in a vast array of factory finishes and can sometimes be difficult for the end user to make a decision.

 At WFUK we understand the differences and advise or clients on the pros and cons as follows


This is a very durable finish and a popular choice due to minimal maintenance requirements. Lacquer can be matt, satin or gloss finishes with each manufacturer offering different levels of sheens, which can be easily revived or refreshed using the correct maintenance products from WFUK. Some factory lacquered floors are ceramic fortified and not always suitable for over coating with additional lacquer, therefore always check with supplier or do test areas before apply additional coats.

If surface scratched, lacquered floors can be difficult to locally repair and will often need the consultation of a professional to carry out the work.

Natural Oil

This is a traditional method of wood treatment that requires the floor to be soaked in oil to absorb into the grain and gives a wonderful natural look, whilst enhancing the characteristics of the wood.

Naturally oiled floors will usually require an additional coat of oil after it is laid to ensure there is sufficient protection and will also need a very regular maintenance regime to ensure the beauty is maintained. Although maintenance will be frequent, it is a very easy operation and can easily be done by the end user. Local repairs to surface scratches can be treated quite easily.

UV Oil

UV oiled floors are very popular because they look similar to naturally oiled floors but benefit from being much harder wearing due to the factory UV lamp curing process.

Whilst a UV a oiled surface is hard wearing, it cannot be easily maintained because  generally it isn’t possible to over coated with any other oils or lacquer. Regular maintenance is normally just oil care soap although with some floors it is possible to buff in a wax care product as long as any excess is removed. Careful advice will need to be obtained and if necessary test areas completed before any maintenance is carried out.


Brushed oak floors go through a factory wire brushing process before the final finish is applied, which removes the softer parts of the oak grain, creating a textured and a hard-wearing floor. When the surface of oak is brushed, it is possible to be more creative with colours to get authentic or original contemporary designs, therefore many different designs can be produced.

Factory finished brushed flooring can be either lacquered, natural oiled or UV oiled depending on manufacturer and product ranges.

Note: All floors must be maintained using the recommended cleaning products and methods. All care and maintenance products are available at WFUK. If in doubt we are happy to help.

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