A new wooden floor from Junckers can be installed in different ways and naturally, all methods work together with all types of underfloor heating systems.


Installing a floor using Junckers clip system is quick and flexible. The finished wooden floor is no more than 1mm to 2mm higher than the floorboards themselves. Our clips are easy to click into place into a special groove on the underside of the board, thereby keeping the individual floorboards together.

Junckers clip system is laid 'floating' on a solid floor of concrete screed or wood and is ideal for both residential and commercial floors. All Junckers wooden floors can be laid using the clip system.


All Junckers wooden floors can be bonded to any dry, level and solid subfloor such as concrete screed or wooden materials.

A glued-down wooden floor enhances the feel and sound of solid wood. A glued-down floor is a good solution for large, open areas, where footsteps and drumming noise needs to be minimised.

Our highly durable and secure glue down system incorporates a Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier, which is applied if necessary first to protect against higher than normal residual moisture in the subfloor. The wooden floor is then glued down with Junckers Parquet Adhesive. Junckers glue down system is suitable for both residential and commercial floors.



The Junckers New Era system is the most economical, quick and easy way to install our floors over an uneven sub floor. Elevations from as low as 74mm to as high as 500mm can be achieved.

Systems available for sports BSEN14904 A4 rated, and commercial and residential use – the best system to incorporate under floor heating and other services.

Also an acoustic system is available which follows Robust Details guidelines – Impact sound reduction levels of 26dB can be achieved.


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